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Solicitation Number: 080010
Solicitation Title: Area Substation 6 and Miscellaneous Switchgear Replacement

Solicitation Information

Commodity Code(s):  
Solicitation Description: The following listing enumerates the major items of work included in this contract:
o 15kV/5kV electrical substation o Electrical duct banks o Modifications and additions to electrical distribution system o Extension of 54-inch diameter Spent Wash Water pipe o Removal and disposal of electrical equipment in Area Substation 4 o Roadway and site improvements o Modifications to 15kV switchgear in Area Substation 3 o Replacement of two outdoor transformers in Area Substation 3. o Replacement of existing 4160 V switchgear lineups ”A”, “B”, and “C” in ASS-1 with new 350 MVA rating switchgear and bus ducts with vacuum interrupter type circuit breakers and solids state protective relays. o Modifications to existing 15 kV and new power distribution control panels o Modifications to outgoing feeders from ASS-1 including new cables and cable trays. o Replacement of 5-kV switchgear including stacked breakers. o Installation of new 4160V-480V Primary Sedimentation Unit Substation (USS-1)with 2500 KVA dry type transformers to replace the existing USS-1 including new feeders, manholes, duct banks, etc. o Demolition of Primary Sedimentation USS-1. o Replacement of 480V switchgears in Primary Sedimentation Unit Substations 3 and 5. This project is to be funded in part by the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009 and is to be procured in the open market. A Fair Share Objective for Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises participation in this work of 32% and 6%, respectively, has been established. The program requirements are fully defined in USEPA’s “Guidance for Utilization of Small, Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises in Procurement under Assistance Agreements – May 27, 2008.” The Davis-Bacon wage determinations shall apply. DCWASA Owner Controlled Insurance Program will provide insurance. Bid documents are available at the Department of Procurement, 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20032. Sets of Bidding Documents can be procured for a non-refundable $150 purchase price each, payable to DC Water and Sewer Authority. Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check or a company check. Documents can be shipped to Bidders providing a Federal Express account number. The DC WASA Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a secured facility. Persons intending to pick-up Bidding Documents are to contact the Department of Procurement at 202 787 2020 for access authorization. For procurement information contact Mr. Carlo Enciso; email carlo.enciso@dcwasa.com, (voice 202 787 2029). For technical information contact: DETS-Construction.Bid.Inquiry@dcwasa.com
Solicitation Type: Invitation for Bids (IFB) 
Procurement Type:
  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Open Market
  • Women Business Enterprise
  • GM Award/Execute Date: 02/09/2010 
    BOD Award/Execute Date: 02/04/2010 
    Contract Term: - not specified -
    Award Information
    Awarded to: Singleton Electric Co., Inc.
    Award Amount: $14,909,300.00
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