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Solicitation Number: 100130
Solicitation Title: Sewer Cleaning and Inspection, Contract 7

Solicitation Information

Commodity Code(s):  
Solicitation Description: The following listing enumerates the major items of work included in this contract:
o Sonar inspection of 3-60”Anacostia Siphons (Milestone 1). o Light cleaning and CCTV inspection of approximately 30,000 linear feet of sewers. o CCTV inspection of approximately 28,000 linear feet of sewers. o Combined CCTV/Sonar inspection of approximately 29,500 linear feet of sewers. o Sonar inspection of approximately 10,500 linear feet of sewers. o Cleaning and inspection of approximately 1,000 manholes and other existing structures. Contingent items include: o Heavy cleaning and CCTV inspection of approximately 8,000 linear feet of sewers o Bucket machine cleaning of sewers. o Wet well cleaning of manhole and structures. o Cleaning of siphons and siphon structures. o Locating laterals and manhole structures using Sonde. o Removing bulk objects. o Bypass pumping. Bid for this project will be procured in the open market with preference given for the utilization of certified local and local small business enterprises. The Davis-Bacon wage determinations shall apply. Bid documents are available at the Department of Procurement, 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20032. Sets of Bidding Documents can be procured for a non-refundable $50 purchase price each, payable to DC Water and Sewer Authority. Payment must be in the form of a money order, certified check or a company check. Documents can be shipped to Bidders providing a Federal Express account number. The DC Water Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is a secured facility. Persons intending to pick-up Bidding Documents are to contact the Department of Procurement at 202 787 2020 for access authorization. For procurement information contact Mr. Carlo Enciso; email carlo.enciso@dcwater.com, (voice 202 787 2029). For technical information contact: DETS-Construction.Bid.Inquiry@dcwater.com
Solicitation Type: Invitation for Bids (IFB) 
Procurement Type:
  • Open Market with Preference Points for Certified Local and Small Business Enterprises
  • GM Award/Execute Date: 11/23/2010 
    BOD Award/Execute Date:  
    Contract Term: - not specified -
    Award Information
    Awarded to: Goel Services, Inc.
    Award Amount: $744,266.00
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