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Solicitation Number: 16-PR-DFM-60

Solicitation Information

Commodity Code(s): 981--24 - Containers, All Kinds (Including Recycling Collection Containers) Rental or Lease
100--07 - Containers, Recycling
998--48 - Garbage
998--49 - Garbage and Refuse Containers
450--34 - Garbage Cans, Containers and Racks
975--37 - Garbage/Refuse Equipment (Dumpsters, etc.) Rental or Lease
910--27 - Garbage/Trash Removal and Disposal
926--77 - Recycling Services
929--66 - Refuse/Garbage Collection/Dumping Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Solicitation Description:

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is soliciting offers for Request for Proposals (RFP) Number: 16-PR-DFM-60, Recycling Hauling Service.  This is an Open Market Procurement with Preference Points for Certified Local and Small Business Enterprises.  The RFP was available on Thursday, June 30, 2016, 4:00 P.M. Local Time, at DC Water, Department of Procurement, at 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW, Room 200, Washington, DC 20032.  Firms may download a copy from website www.dcwater.com or request a copy from Jordan Austin, Procurement Intern, at Procurementsubmittals@dcwater.com or 202-787-2261.  The date for receipt of offers is July 29, 12:00 P.M. Local Time.




Solicitation Type:
Procurement Type: - not specified -
GM Award/Execute Date: 11/29/2016  
BOD Award/Execute Date:  
Contract Term: 12/30/2016 - 12/29/2017
Award Information
Awarded to: F&L Construction Inc
Award Amount: $33,644.10
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