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Solicitation Number: 18-PR-DWT-13
Solicitation Title: Supply and Delivery of Sodium Bisulfite
Solicitation Description:

Sodium bisulfite is an important chemical for the wastewater treatment process at Blue Plains WWTP. This chemical is used as a dechlorination agent for the effluent wastewater stream.

Sodium bisulfite supplied under this contract shall be tested and certified as meeting the following specifications:

  • Liquid sodium bisulfite delivered under this Specification shall have a range of 38% to 42%, with a minimum of 38% sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3) at all times.
  • Once a delivery strength is chosen, the supplier will provide a strength with no more than one percent (1%) variance from delivery to delivery.
  • Product shall be a light yellow liquid with a sulfur dioxide odor.
  • Product shall have a specific gravity of 1.33 (+/- 0.05).
  • Product shall have a pH range of 3.0 to 5.0 pH units.
  • Product shall meet the DC Water Discharge Standards for priority pollutants.  DC Water will use the assay required in Section B1.10 to determine whether the product will meet the Discharge Standards.

The point of contact for this solicitation is Mr. Scott Kang.  Reach him at (202) 787-7058 or scott.kang@dcwater.com for questions.

Solicitation Type: Request for Proposal (RFP)  
Commodity Codes: 486--01 - Ammonia and Other Chemicals, Household (Plain or Sudsing), Environmentally Certified Products
505--30 - Chemicals (Not Otherwise Classified)
998--24 - Chemicals, All Types
885--44 - Corrosion, Scale, and Sludge Control Chemicals: Alum, Amines (Morpholine, etc.), Sodium Sulfite, etc
505--57 - Laundry Alkalis: Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Orthosilicate, etc.
885--78 - pH Control Chemicals: Caustic Soda, Lime, Muriatic Acid, Quicklime, Soda Ash, etc.
Procurement Type:
  • Open Market
  • Open Market with Preference Points for Certified Local and Small Business Enterprises
  • Small Business Enterprise
Contract Type: Fixed Price
Release date of Solicitation: December 13, 2017
Close Date/Time or IFB Bid Opening Date/Time: January 17, 2018 2:00 PM
Procurement Contact: Scott Kang (Sr. Sourcing Specialist)  
Technical Contact: Scott Kang (Sr. Sourcing Specialist)  
Email Questions To: Scott Kang (Sr. Sourcing Specialist)  
Last Date for Questions: January 05, 2018 2:00 PM

RFQ or Bid Document Information

RFQ or Bid Document Fee:

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Estimated Project Cost:

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Pre-Bid / Pre-Proposal Conference

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RFQ Document - You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file below. (get Adobe Reader)
Solicitation Documents
18-PR-DWT-13 Sodium Bisulfite Instructions
18-PR-DWT-13 Sodium Bisulfite SOW
Attachment D Safety Plan
18-PR-DWT-13 Sodium Bisulfite Pricing and Submission Requirements
Addendum 1 (Priority Pollutants)
18-PR-DWT-13 Addendum 2(Questions)
DC Water Documents Attachment C - General Provisions
Attachment E - Reps and Certs
Attachment F - Vendor Info
Attachment G - Local Business Enterprise Program
Attachment H - EEO Packet and Affirmative Action Plan
Attachment I - DC Water Works Employment Program
Attachment K - Payment and Performance Bonds
Attachment L - Mid-Atlantic Purchasing Team Rider Clause
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