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About The Vendor Portal


The Vendor Portal offers a quick and easy way for vendors to register online and create a profile applicable to the vendor's commodity codes, demographics and contracting areas. It provides online access to solicitations, amendments and contract awards. The portal allows vendors to search for business opportunities, receive e-mail notifications of solicitation postings and request complete using the vendor portal documents.

Benefits of Having Your Own profile

Within the Vendor Portal, a registered vendor can:

  • Make changes and updates to registration information,
  • View upcoming, current, and awarded solicitations,
  • Download details of solicitations,
  • Monitor the status of solicitations,
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications of solicitation amendments and upcoming solicitations.

Take a look at a sample Vendor portal to see how simple it is to track solicitations.

Ready to register? Get started!

Getting Started

The Vendor Portal is found in the Business Opportunities section of this website. The Vendor Portal link takes you to the Vendor Portal main page where you can register, log in, or retrieve a forgotten password. The page consists of two forms (each in its own separate box), the Search by Tax ID Number form and the Login form.

There are 3 easy steps to create your own DC Water vendor portal registration:

  1. Before registering, confirm that your company is not in our vendor database.
  2. If you are not in our vendor database, register.
  3. Log into the Vendor Portal and create your own profile.

Ready to register? Get started!

Checking Existing Registration:

Before you register, check to see if your company's information has already been entered in our Vendor Portal database.

To check:

  1. Go to the Vendor Portal Login page.
  2. If you know your company's Tax ID number, enter it in the appropriate field in the Search by Tax ID Number and it will start searching as soon as you start typing first two numbers of tax payer number.
  3. If your company has registered before, a message will appear saying that "TaxID exists in the database" if not "TaxID does not exists in the database". Using the username and password, you can log into the Vendor Portal and retrieve your information. If you do not know/remember your username/password information, you can click on the "Forgot Password" link, which will allow you to retrieve them.
  4. If your company has not registered in the Vendor Portal but has done business with DC Water, you will be notified and provided a link to continue with your registration.
  5. If your Tax ID is not found in our vendor database, you should click on the "Register" link, found at the top of the form, to proceed with the registration process.
Need help? click here for more registration instructions